Some of our offerings:

  • macaroni and cheese -  A myriad of cheeses including seriously sharp cheddar and pecorino romano create the perfect comfort food. Try it with the toppings of the day;
(buffalo chicken, bacon, spicy black beans, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, kale and more)
  • falafel sandwich- The fe's own combination of ground chick peas, fresh herbs and spices. Served with.......
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Treat your friends, family or employees to a delicious "theme" meal with the food extrovert! We offer a multitude of exciting food choices to make your occasion the one to remember. Tacos and Burritos, Gourmet Macaroni and Cheese, Fancy Sliders, Exotic Salads, Asian Themes, New England Seafood Parties and Much More.

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The Food Extrovert

Release yourself from the gridlock of processed foods and narrow options. The food extrovert's kinetic kitchen is here to rescue you from the daily mundane. Get energized by the intelligent delicacies from our ever-changing eclectic menu. eat well...feel good What we have here is a mobile kitchen preparing fresh, local ingredients that will satisfy one's cravings for something different, delicious and reasonably priced.


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ShoreLine Times:  Meet The Food Extrovert

Westbrook resident Don Henick’s food truck, called “food extrovert,” specializes in comfort food such as five-cheese grilled sandwiches on sourdough bread and Buffalo chicken mac-and-cheese, as well as what he calls “the healthier choices,” like his mouth-watering vegetarian beet slider.

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